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News from EUPRERA
News from Euprera president 2012-2013
News from Euprera president 2010-2011
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Valérie Carayol
Université of Bordeaux, France
Euprera President 2012-2013




July 2013

Dear fellow members, dear future Euprera members,

Euprera will hold its next congress in Barcelona, where, I hope, we will have the pleasure to meet. Enric Ordeix, as well as his team at Ramon Llull University, works hard to host the congress, in connection with Euprera's board and the project leaders. I want to thank them all warmly.

The theme of this year "Strategic Public Relations. Public Values and Cultural Identity" will allow us to share exciting ideas and research results. Legitimacy in the public sphere is a growing challenge for organisations and many of the papers to be presented this year will allow us to better understand and analyze the different social demands and the various and new communication practices, to face this challenge.

I hope to see you in Barcelona. Join us. Euprera community is growing and our congresses are a way to share more than research findings: ideas and opportunities for collective projects in a very friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy your summer,
Valérie Carayol



January 2013

Dear fellow members, dear colleagues, dear friends,
On behalf of Euprera and in my own name, I wish you a very happy new year. May 2013 be a year full of serenity, energy and success for you and your family.

Our association is working hard to organize our annual congress, which will be held, this year, in Barcelona on  October 3-5th. The theme is  "Strategic Public Relations, Public Values and Cultural Identity".

I want to thank the Barcelona team for  hosting our meeting and  I remind you that the deadline for abstract submission is on February 28th, 2013. For any information, please visit our website.

I invite you to join our congress and to invest time in Euprera activities. Euprera is growing thanks to our energy and desire to share our knowledge. We all have the capacity to continue on this path and extend our ambitions.

Very Happy new year 2013. Thank you very much.
Valérie Carayol




November 2012

Dear colleagues, dear fellow-members, Istanbul congress was a great success thanks to the Turkish team at the University of Istanbul led by Ayla Okay.

You came from all over Europe -and sometimes from much further- to share your knowledge and to make acquaintances, to give substance to the idea that knowledge must be be shared, must be circulated to stimulate our communities and to feed into ambitious common projects.

By your presence, you have been expressing your commitment for a science that is open to the world, for a science that meets the highest academic standards, and also for a science that is stimulated by encounters and human relationships. Your talents, your ambition and your energy are promoting our association. We are progressing, year after year, on ambitious tasks, that increase in scale and can make us all proud.

Our conference was entitled Researching the Changing Profession of Public Relations. This is a topical subject. The digital turning point that all communication professions are experimenting questions the practices, the skills, the jobs and the expectations of the organizations as well as the publics of the latter. Our reflections will echo, in the world of research as well as in the professional world, and we will enhance them so that they reach the widest audience possible.

A new board was elected for 2013 and I would like to congratulate and thank Ansgar Zerfass (president elect), Adela Rogojinaru and Oyvind Ihlen (executive directors) for their commitment to our association.

We have been inaugurating, with this congress, the Euprera Best Paper Award and plan, for the first time, to edit in a book published at Peter Lang the twenty-five best papers, in complement to our agreement with Leeds University's journal, which will also publish a selection of articles. Our efforts to diffuse and valorize our works is intensifying.

I would like to particularly thank our hosts. I thank most sincerely Ayla Okay and all the organizing team for having made this project possible. Thank you ever so much for your warm welcome.

I hope to see you in our next congress in Barcelona.

Valérie Carayol
President of Euprera




By the New President
January 2012

Dear fellow members, dear colleagues, dear friends,

On behalf of Euprera and in my own name, I wish you a very happy new year. May 2012 be an exceptional year for you and your family.

The near future is full of promess for our association. Euprera Spring Symposium will take place in Berlin, February 17th & 18th on "Web 2.0 in governmental and NGO communication in Europe". The Euprera annual congress will be held in Istanbul on September 20th-22nd, on “Researching the Changing Profession of Public Relations”.

Several projects are expected to emerge and take shape in the future, including an ambitious publication policy to enhance our scientific legitimacy.

The congress is an opportunity to meet new colleagues and to enrich our academic knowledge. It is also an opportunity to further engage in the activities of Euprera and in its differents projects. These activites are essential for our association and its vitality.

I invite you to invest time and energy in Euprera life to further develop our action and disseminate our works. In 2012 the board will be partially renewed and a new President–elect chosen.

Finally, I would like to I thank Emanuele Invernizzi for his dynamic presidency and the energy invested in our association during the past two years.

Happy New Year 2012

Valérie Carayol
President of Euprera

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