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Bylaws - Members Networks
Bylaws approved by the General Assembly
on June 22nd, 2015

1. Aim

A EUPRERA network consists of network leaders and members working together under a thematic heading. The main purpose of the networks is to generate research and collaborations in subfields of public relations.


2. Functioning

Networks typically meet during the EUPRERA annual assembly. EUPRERA members are free to join the particular networks and also to propose new thematic and distinct networks to the EUPRERA board. EUPRERA will seek to promote the networks and also allow for the EUPRERA name to be used in application processes and specific research and dissemination activities.


3. Participation in networks and network leaders

Since the main goal of establishing networks is to generate research and facilitate cooperation, members can belong to as many networks as they wish and that, in principle, there is no limit to the number of networks EUPRERA can have.

Any member can be named as leader of a network and will get a mandate from an election every second year. The leader is responsible for maintaining the team list updated, organizing team meetings and informing the board about any modification. The board will request an annual update about network activities from the leader.


4. Proposal, activation and cancellation

Interested parties should prepare a formal application stating the name of the network, the goals, milestones and plans. A network should have a minimum of five members and shall elect a leader for a two year-period during the EUPRERA assembly. All network members have to be EUPRERA members.

The EUPRERA board reserves itself the right to accept/decline applications and to revoke the EUPRERA affiliation if a network does not function (i.e. has no activity over a two years period). Suggestions for mergers or divisions of networks can be forwarded to the board for approval.


5. Finances

EUPRERA will not usually be able to give financial support to any network. Team members will secure the necessary funding on their own (i.e. by using own resources or acquiring research funding using the capacities of their universities/organizations).

Network teams might also acquire sponsors within the range of the EUPRERA sponsorship policy, meaning that finances could be handled by EUPRERA and resources acquired will be assigned to only this particular network. In the latter case, a 10% handling fee applies for bookkeeping etc. Funds which are still available after a network has been closed or has not been active for two years will go to EUPRERA; the board will decide which new activity can be supported with this dormant budget.

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