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(page latest update: September 2015)

The main goal of the project is create and maintain an online magazine about the state of corporate communication/public relations in European countries.

The website portrays a comprehensive but not exhaustive annual picture of that sector, elaborating on developments, facts, opinions, examples, backgrounds and tips. And that in a glossy-like presentation, vividly illustrated, with content in different genres (overview articles, essays, reports, columns, testimonials, interviews, statements), each with a limited size for comfortable access so to get easily (re-)acquainted with the subjects, thus inviting to read and learn more about it elsewhere.

The website elaborates on what it is exactly that professionals in communication do, who they are, how they themselves look at their profession, their ideas on how to improve effectiveness, their legitimacy, what the trends are, how people preparing to become a professional should be educated and trained, and how the politics of communication work. The website is a must-read for professionals, students and scholars alike.

The intention is that this website is offering an inspiring and interesting picture portraying the width of the communications profession in all facets, country by country. It should be highly informative for those who are wondering what the communications profession has to offer to others. It should provide a clear insight to everyone who wants to look beyond the limitations of their own department, company or agency. And should at the same time be helpful to people who are seeking out which part of the communications profession could be interesting for him or her careerwise. The website offers actual insight in concise articles and texts with click through options for complete texts, video’s or other references.

The atmosphere of the website will be dynamic, positive and substantive but also with a light note, with distance but also involved, informative and illustrative, informative and entertaining but with stature. It must be young and dynamic, and at the same time, without frills. The intention is that the website serves as a showcase, literally and figuratively, and as colourful as the sector is.

It is important that we show the field of professional communication in all its tones of voices, from as many countries in Europe as possible. It is also important that the standard of the content is high. In order to assure this, an advisory board will be formed, with people from participating different countries.

The website will be organized per country. We will ask one colleague from each country in Europe to supervise and coordinate the content of his or her country. Each country will portray the following themes:

  • Trends and innovations
  • Daily practice
  • Making career (including Education)
  • History

Each country will be portrayed in several genres:

  • One overview article of the state-of-the-art of the profession in this specific country
  • One video column of a big shot in the field
  • Two of three essays on important practical topics, written by scholars or senior professionals
  • One essay on the state-of-the-arts of education in the country
  • Video statements of professionals and students about the field
  • As many click throughs as possible

Project leader

  • Iekje Smit, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands (

Team members

  • Betteke van Ruler, Van Ruler Academy, The Netherlands

Overall timeline

  • OSLO, Oct. 2015: launch of the idea and prototype of the website (, create a pilot group of partners for the first edition.
  • GRONINGEN Oct 2016: The pilot edition is online; more partners will be invited to join.

Results until now

  • The concept is developed. The concept is based on a publisized version in Dutch, Communicatie NU.
  • A pilot website has been to developed.

Milestones for the next six months

To be established; but the launch of the pilot version is in October 2016.

Can EUPRERA members still join the project? Who should join the project?

Yes, we wish to present this project as an open invitation to EUPRERA members.

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1080 Brussels
VAT code 0478953039
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