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Euprera Congress 2008: Milan
October 16-18, 2008
IULM University, Milan, Italy


Institutionalizing Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Public Relations and Corporate Communication have been, and are, rapidly evolving and expanding their influence within complex organizations. This Process is forceful and pervasive, and has initiated an "institutionalization" of the professional practice which modifies the theory of the firm and where both the management of stakeholder relationships and communication have reached a pivotal position. This Process needs to be carefully analyzed in its operational, managerial and strategic components. 

  1. Trends of Communication Roles and Functions
    • technical and operational (e.g. financial, environmental, internal)
    • managerial and entrepreneurial
    • consultant (towards other departments)
    • strategic (educational, reflective/reflexive)

  2. Organizing the Management of Relationships and Communication
    • operational and interfunctional coordination   
    • relationship and/or reputation management
    • PR in the "executive suite"
  3. Developing Corporate Academic Public Relations and Communication Education
    • educational curricula and accreditation  
    • integration of corporate and academic education
    • evolution in different European Contexts
  4. Public Relations, Communication and the Theory of the Firm
    • the influence of Public Relations on corporate governance
    • sociological and managerial approaches
    • present and future research perspectives and directions

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