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Call for Applications
Deadline April 15, 2017

Chairs of the Jury:
Prof.em. Dr. Betteke van Ruler,
Prof.em. Dr. Günter Bentele


In order to stimulate the academic discussion and build the body of knowledge in public relations and communication management across Europe, the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) awards a bi-annual prize for excellent doctoral dissertation. 


The award honours academic excellence in the fields of public relations and communication management.


The winner will receive a certificate, naming her or his dissertation best of class in Europe. The winner will also be invited to present the dissertation at the EUPRERA Annual Congress, the main gathering for public relations scholars in Europe. Travel expenses (within Europe) and accommodation will be paid.

The winner will be recognised as a leading expert in public relations, corporate communication or communication management.


All doctoral dissertations in any language are eligible for submission, provided they have been formally approved with a formal examination at the candidate’s university within the last 24 months before the submission deadline. Nominations that fall outside this period will not be taken into consideration.

Authors should submit their dissertation in the original version as approved by their committees or supervisors plus a paper formatted in journal style. Award applicants are, therefore, asked to condense their theses/dissertations into a manuscript, following the rules of the Journal of Communication Management.


  • The paper must be written in English.
  • The paper must be carefully edited to conceal the identities of the author, his/her institutional affiliations, and the thesis/dissertation advisor, so as to preserve the objectivity of the judging process.
  • The paper must include an abstract of no more than 150 words and follow the template of the Journal of Communication Management.
  • The length of the paper should not exceed 6,000 words including references, plus figures and tables.
  • The submission should include three emailed PDF files. The maximum size of any single PDF is 9.5 MB; appropriate software should be used to reduce file sizes if the original files exceed this limit. The three files are:
  1. The abstract/ paper, as described above.
  2. The full dissertation in the original language.
  3. An accompanying cover letter to the award chair(s) indicating (1) current contact information and affiliation of the author, (2) dissertation manuscript title, (3) date of thesis/dissertation defence, (4) university where dissertation was defended and degree awarded, (5) contact information for dissertation advisor, (6) letter from the University or supervisor, (7)a copy of the certificate of the formal examination.

Award applicants are requested not to submit materials without first ensuring they comply with all submission requirements. Submissions that fail to conform to the requirements will be automatically disqualified.


Chairs of the award jury are Prof.em. Dr. Betteke van Ruler and Prof.em. Dr. Günter Bentele.

The chair(s) of the award jury will nominate a suitable number of additional jury members after the submission deadline, according to the necessities of  the  process (number of submissions and languages involved). The overall number of jury members should not must not exceed five. All jury members have to be professors or associate professors at universities (including professors emeriti) who are eligible to supervise PhD theses themselves. The chair(s) of the jury are free to invite potential jury members before the submission deadline.

Each candidate is ranked by at least two members of the jury, after which the rankings are compared and discussed and a winner is selected by discussion and consensus. To avoid conflicts of interest, those who judge the specific paper may not be a supervisor or examiner of the candidate. The contact chair of the jury will be responsible for distributing the papers. The chairs will make the final decision about the winner. The nominations, rankings and discussions will be kept confidential within the jury. The members of the jury will be announced on the EUPRERA website.


The jury will judge each doctoral dissertation on the following criteria:

  • Theoretical coherence and quality
  • Degree of innovation for theory and/or practice
  • Methodological appropriateness
  • Empirical quality
  • Presentation of results
  • Importance for the development of the scholarly and/or professional field
  • Overall impression


The deadline for handing in submissions is April 15, in any year in which the award is announced.


The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) is an independent organization that aims at stimulating and promoting innovative knowledge and practices of strategic communication, organizational communication and public relations across Europe. Founded in 1959 and previously named CERP Education & Research, EUPRERA is a network with nearly 500 members from 40 countries where academics and professionals attract, convey, disseminate and create innovations in the field. Several cross-national and comparative research and education projects are organized by members and affiliated universities. EUPRERA organizes an annual congress every year in collaboration with a selected university or college in Europe.

Contact and submissions

Potential applicants should contact one of the chairs of the jury for additional information::

Submissions should be directed to the EUPRERA Director of Public Relations and Administration:

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