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Call for Education Collaboration - 24.04.2008
From Jon Cope, Course Leader at University College Falmouth, UK

I am considering undertaking a similar project to that outlined in the research paper to be found here:


It would involve a group of undergraduate students from my institution (University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK) working with a similar group from a different part of the world on a PR campaign project.


To summarise, the project works with both groups 'reciprocally' researching a client (possibly a not-for-profit organisation) and the media/PR environment in each other's country. The client should be the same or similar, but there should be differences in the media/PR environment. Ideally, the greater geographical/cultural difference between the two countries, the better.


The aim is for each group of students to create a PR campaign of relevance to a target public in their counterparts' country. By doing this, the students not only have to research and develop a campaign outside of their home country, but also benefit from coaching/counselling each other on specific issues relevant to their country's media/PR environment.


Obviously any partnership would depend upon many factors, but I would be keen to hear from any interested institutions as soon as possible.


Many thanks,


Jon Cope

Course Leader - BA (Hons) Public Relations

University College Falmouth

Cornwall - UK

tel: +44 (0) 1326 253753

Bd du Jubilé 71, bte 3
1080 Brussels
VAT code 0478953039
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