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ECREA Organizational and Strategic Communication Section Workshop - 09.02.2011
Covilhã,Portugal,May 5-6. Abstract submission until March 1st

May 5-6, 2011

University of Beira Interior
Covilhã, Portugal

ECREA Organizational and Strategic Communication Section Workshop

The Dialogue Imperative. Trends and challenges in strategic and organizational communication

In the contemporary marketplace, perceptions about corporations and their products are framed by multiple sources of information. Shifts in media access and consumption, the multiplication of marketing and corporate messages along with the demand for more corporate responsibility have pushed strategic communication into a new paradigm. Today, different groups of interest, including employees, consumers, investors, non-governmental organizations or media, are continuously shaping brand perception and corporate reputation. Publics are no longer passive receivers of corporate messages. They want to participate in their favourite brands and companies and expect more attention, feedback and information. In reality, nowadays, publics can easily instigate the communication process. Recent corporate scandals, for example, have shown how social media contribute powerfully to degrade corporate credibility and to force corporate discourse.

To be effective, communication strategies should engage stakeholders and firms in dialogue in order to built healthy relationships. Corporations cannot afford to rely on the traditional model of one-way messaging using only paid media and advertising. Different levels of communication strategies must be planned to develop dialogue within the organization and with different groups of stakeholders and publics.  Each stakeholder group requires focused and continuous attention and it is an organizational imperative to nurture this relationship.

This workshop aims to analyse how contemporary developments in strategic and organizational communication theory contributes to understand the new relational paradigm: corporations struggle to continuously cultivate and develop positive relationships within the organization and with different publics. It intends to be an occasion to discuss new tendencies in strategic and organizational communication by looking to campaigns, instruments and messages that promote dialogue with different publics, both in marketing communication and public relations level. Special attention will be paid to a cross-disciplinary approach to the theme and to a comparative methodology regarding different fields of expertise (internal communication, crises communication, public affairs, press relations, marketing communication, etc.) and new tools of corporate dialogue, in particular, concerning digital and social media.

Call for papers

The workshop committee welcomes proposals within the general theme of “The Dialogue Imperative. Trends and challenges in strategic and organizational communication” and by following one of the 3 sub-themes:

  1. The future of integrated communication campaigns
  2. Crisis communication on the web
  3. Interactive communication strategies

Papers submission
Please submit a 2-5 page summary of your paper in English as soon as possible but no later than March 1, 2011 to: All submissions will be blind peer reviewed, so papers should be laid out in correct academic style and authors should not be identified in text. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 March 2011.
Your summary must include an Abstract, 5 keywords, Introduction, Discussion and/or Conclusions, and list of References, as well as a brief description of your hypotheses (if applicable), research objectives, methods, and findings.
When submitting your abstract, include on a separate page the following contact details: Title, Author(s) names, Affiliations, and Contact Details, including: e-mail address, telephone, and postal address.
Papers format requirements: single-spaced; 12 point font; times new roman, tables, figures and references excluded.
All accepted papers will be published in an e-book, with ISBN, by UBI/LabCom editions
Extended texts for publication should be sent in English by the end of June 2011.
More information

The workshop will be host by the Faculty of Communication and Arts of the University of Beira Interior and by the research center LabCom, located in Covilhã, Portugal. LabCom is the leading research center on online communication in Portugal and hosts BOCC, the biggest online library on communication sciences in Portuguese language. Please visit the websites and

If you have any questions about paper submission or other matters please contact the local coordinator: Gisela Gonçalves –

Bd du Jubilé 71, bte 3
1080 Brussels
VAT code 0478953039
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