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Call for Papers for Special Section in Public Relations Inquiry - 13.05.2012
Public Relations as an institutional process

The relations between organizations and society are at the heart of public relations. Therefore, an appreciation of structural conditions is central to the analysis of public relations practice, and explanations for its existence. Yet insights into institutional conditions are rarely incor¬porated into the study of public relations, leaving the field both theoretically and empirically under-developed.

This Special Section aims to enrich public relations theory by harnessing recent devel¬opments in neo-institutional theory. We invite original papers resting on empirical analysis dealing with, or relating to, one of the following streams:

  • How does (or has) the practice of public relations spread across different types of organizations and organizational fields; and how does it operate as an institutional practice? (DiMaggio & Powell 1991; Scott 2008)
  • How is public relations involved in the diffusion and implementation of other insti¬tutional forms into organizational behaviour? (Czarniawska & Sevón 1996, 2005)
  • How is public relations involved in institutional change – how do institutional norms, rules and ideas emerge, change and die? (Lawrence et al 2009; Thornton et al. 2012)

This call has been written for Public Relations Inquiry by Magnus Fredriksson, Josef Pallas and Stefan Wehmeier who will collaborate with the Editors in the development of the Section. Submissions should be uploaded on the website and clearly identified as ’Special Section: public relations as an institutional process’ by 1 October 2012. The Special Section will be published in volume 2(3) 2013.

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