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5th International PR congress in South Africa - 09.07.2012
Johannesburg, July 23-26

Leveraging transformation change and corporate success with strategic public relations: this is the theme on which PR practitioners will work during the 5th PR congress in South Africa.

Among them, several international esteemed consultants will take part in the debate, being aware that the world is in a transition and countries world-wide are inter-dependent. Globalisation and the internet have broken down trade barriers. A financial crisis in one country soon spills over the other ones, and assumes a global problem. The global operating environment is volatile and turbulent. The financial market is confronting a number of issues and shock including the downward slide of stock value. In this context, the strategic role of public relations is emphasized.

The congress is organizez by IPRA (International Public Relations Association), African Public Relations Association, The Management School, London and BEEC International. Several international esteemed consultants.

For more details, you can visit the congress website

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