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Inspiring speakers at Bledcom 2012 - 02.07.2012
Bled, Slovenia, July 6-7

BledCom Academics will present two panels. The first panel, chaired by Ryszard Ławniczak and with Marko Lah, Urša Golob, Alan Freitag and David McKie as panelists, will be dedicated to economics and public relations: the state of the field.

The second panel, chaird by Dejan Verčič and with Ansgar Zerfass, Ralph Tench, Piet Verhoeven, Jerry Swerling and Jon White, will investigate communication management and the state of the profession.

Furthermore, BledCom 2012 will host Special Session on the status of public relations practice and scholarship, chaired by Jon White and with Toni Muzi Falconi, Giancarlo Panico, Fabio Ventoruzzo, Rossella Patalano, Ronel Rensburg, Anne Gregory, Margalit Toledano and David McKie.

BledCom 2012 is honored to host the world-established communication experts James E. Grunig and Larissa Grunig from the University of Maryland. The leading theoreticians in the field of communication, public relations and communication management will join us for a Special Session on BledCom. Delegates will be addressed by the honorary sponsor of Bledcom, Dr Danilo Türk, the president of the Republic of Slovenia, and by the end of the Special Session, Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, member of the programme committee, will give his closing remarks on Bledcom 2012.

More about BledCom Symposium:

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