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Melbourne Mandate for Global Communication - 15.11.2012
First draft available: leave your comments!

The Global Alliance has just published the first draft of the Melbourne Mandate (MM), a call to action for new areas of value in public relations and communication management. The document's contents will be debated by delegates at the upcoming World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne.

Comments on the following questions are welcomed:

  1. Does the Melbourne Mandate capture the most critical emerging areas of value for public relations and communication management?
  2. The Melbourne Mandate's first section focuses principally on the role of public relations in organizations; the second focuses on our interaction with stakeholders; and the third focuses also on the responsibility to society. Is the balance right?
  3. Can the Melbourne Mandate be applied in every culture, or are variations required? If so, which specific variations and why?
  4. The Melbourne Mandate includes some high aspirations for public relations. How can we prepare ourselves – as professionals and as a profession – to live up to these aspirations?
  5. As a professional, how could you actually use the Melbourne Mandate to advocate the role and value of public relations?

 More details on the Melbourne Mandate website

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