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Funding campaign for Adela Rogojinaru - 23.01.2013
"We are now very glad to announce that all collective efforts of financing coming from organisations, multinational companies, associations and individual donors have not been in vain"

by Raluca Moise, Campaign coordinator

Dear colleagues,
Dear friends,
Dear supporters and endorsers of our humanitarian campaign for Professor Adela Rogojinaru,

We are now very glad to announce that all collective efforts of financing coming from organisations, multinational companies, associations and individual donors, both from Romania and abroad, have not been in vain. At almost 4 months of treatment, professor Adela Rogojinaru has brought joy to the entire scientific community of the University of Bucharest by being present at the IInd Edition of Alumni Conference at the Faculty of Letters, on December 14, 2012. It was a special occasion, before Christmas, when we were thrilled to welcome back Ms. Adela Rogojinaru teacher and director of the Communication Sciences Department, who gladly co-hosted the event.

"It is an extraordinary feeling that you have created to me, and that is to celebrate me for being a human", said professor Adela Rogojinaru in her message addressed to all the people that helped her during the campaign. "I want to thank you for having achieved something extraordinary, besides the miracle of recreated a Human out of suffering: I want to thank you for giving an incredible opportunity for our profession! You were able to restore the dignity of this profession and I thank you so much for that, as it is absolutely outstanding for the academic environment", added professor Adela Rogojinaru.

We thank all donors who made possible the treatment of Ms Adela Rogojinaru. We only have a few small steps ahead of us in the campaign for our dear professor. Zelboraf treatment will continue for at least 6 months. After that, doctors recommend increasing the antitumor immune response. The amount donated until January 17, 2013 is 94,600 euros, that helped providing the necessary treatment with Zelboraf. For treatment with ipilimumab, a reinforcement drug for the immune system, the required amount is 50,000 euros. The humanitarian campaign “We save a professor, we save generations!” continues with the help of the general public, academia members, industry specialists, businesspersons or students.  We attest that these treatments for malign cancer are recently introduced in the treatment of cancer diseases and the only ones that insure high chances of survival in the case of an extremely aggressive disease for which there have not been specific therapies in the last 30 years.

You can read the entire article on the University of Bucharest website and follow updates on the Facebook page.

Thank you so much for all your support and for the help that you continuously give to us!

Raluca Moise

Bd du Jubilé 71, bte 3
1080 Brussels
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