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Regional conference ICA/ACOP/AE-IC/UMA - 05.02.2013
Malaga, July 18-19. Abstract submission until February 25th 2013.

The International Communication Association (ICA) is the sponsor of a regional conference in collaboration with the Asociación de Comunicación Política-Political Communication Association (ACOP) and the Asociación Española de Investigación de la Comunicación-Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC) and the Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación, Universidad de Málaga-Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Malaga, Málaga (Spain) on 18-19 July, 2013.

Researchers are invited to submit empirical as well as theoretical papers that contribute to advancing research in the field of communication and trust looking at 8 areas related to:

  • Definition of trust itself
  • Trust in public organizations and institutions
  • Trust in the business and financial sector
  • Trust in the non-for-profit sector
  • Trust in the media
  • Trust and communication policy and law
  • Trust and global and intercultural communication
  • Trust and political communication

Orgenizers are particularly interested in papers that address the following aspects of trust and communication:

  • Causes of trust and distrust and the role of communication
  • The role of expectations and the management of expectations in relationship to trust
  • Communication strategies in times of crisis
  • Crisis and new emerging communication values and policy frameworks
  • The impact of crisis on trust in global communication
  • Philosophical perspectives on the relationship between communication and trust 

Download the Call for Papers
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