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Transparent communication conference: registration open - 09.10.2013
Scientific conference in Brussels, November 2013

International Conference on Transparency and Communication. 21-22 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium.

Registrations are now open at the address  

How organisations are dealing with the imperative of communication? How transparency is approached by organisations?

This international conference is grounded by the desire to review current research in several countries on the issue of “transparency”, as current central element of organizational communication – whether as content (communicating on transparency) or as communication modality (transparent communication).

Transparency, whether as a form or as a content of communication, establishes itself as an ethical imperative (a “duty to inform”), and reciprocally as a “power of knowing”. These imperatives appear as absolute: the “social inward dimension of organisations” is called to become more and more exteriorised.

But this ethical dimension of organisational transparency must not overlook the aesthetic dimension at its base. Transparency never ceases to incarnate into sensitive configurations. Social media plays here an important role in the current claim that considers transparency as a central element in organisational communication, a claim to be verified in concrete cases. However the quest for absolute, unlimited transparency runs quickly into practical difficulties. The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars, students as well as professionals interested by the concept of transparency and organisational communication.

The conference focuses on 5 main areas:

- Theory: transparency, communication and organisations 
- Internet and transparency 
- Communication, labour, management, control and transparency 
- Crisis and transparency 
- Environmental communication, Corporate Social Responsibility and transparency

The program of the conference is available on the website

The conference is organized by the LASCO (UCL-IHECS) with the support of SFSIC (Société Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la communication), of FNRS, Interel, VisitBrussels and Wallonia. For any query, contact

Bd du Jubilé 71, bte 3
1080 Brussels
VAT code 0478953039
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