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Euro PR history network launched at Euprera - 15.10.2013
The EPRHN was launched at EUPRERA's Congress in Barcelona on October 3-5

“After more than a year’s planning, EPRHN is now in operation and has 52 active supporters from 18 countries across Europe”, said Prof Tom Watson of Bournemouth University Media School. Its goals are:

This network will focus on the development and production of information about the history and historiography of public relations in Europe.

This could include the formation and identification of archives and resources, the preparation of joint research, the submission of Europe-wide research bids and production of publications in print and online formats.

The field being investigated includes public relations, strategic communication, communication management and organisational/corporate communication. Appropriate links to governmental communication and propaganda that is relevant to public relations history will also be explored.

It will be an inter-disciplinary approach that brings together the knowledge of specialist historical researchers with the developing skills and sector knowledge of public relations academics who have moved into this field in the past decade.

The Network will seek alliances with other cross-border and cross-disciplinary groups in the media and communications history field.

The network has started and actions have been undertaken to (a) map public relations archives across Europe and (b) to identify EU-wide research funding opportunities.

The first edition of a record of European public relations archives was published as a PDF in January 2013 and covers seven countries. A second edition will be prepared during winter 2013/14;

A submission was made in late September to the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) scheme for funding to develop the network. The initial verdict on is due on November 22;

A panel on “Developing the History of European Public Relations” was presented at EUPRERA Congress on October 4 and attended by more than 20 delegates. It was chaired by Toni Muzi Falconi and had contributions from Profs Jordi Xifra, Adela Rogojinaru and Tom Watson, with the response by Prof Gunter Bentele;

 PR History panel: (L-R): Toni Muzi Falconi, Prof Adela Rogojinaru, Prof Tom Watson, Prof Jordi Xifra, and Prof Gunter Bentele

PR History panel: (L-R): Toni Muzi Falconi, Prof Adela Rogojinaru, Prof Tom Watson, Prof Jordi Xifra, and Prof Gunter Bentele

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