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LCM - EUPRERA and Dircom sign a strategic agreement - 16.04.2015
The most extended research of strategic communication in Latin America

MADRID, April 9 2015. The president of the Communication Directors Association (Dircom), Montserrat Tarrés, and Ángeles Moreno, on behalf of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), have signed an important agreement to promote and deliver the most extended study on Public Relations in Latin America: the Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM). The LCM is a cross-national research organized by EUPRERA, sponsored by FCC and conducted by academics from eleven prestigious universities in Spain, United States and Latin America, which aims to advance knowledge in the field of strategic communication (


The Latin American Communication Monitor is preceded by the European Communication Monitor (ECM), the main annual study about strategic communication in the world, with more than 2,700 participating professionals from 42 countries, eight printed editions from 2007 and a record of academic and professional dissemination. The Latin American Communication Monitor takes part of the Global Communication Monitor, an ambitious project that will encompass diverse world regions.

This study is conducted with scientific objectives and standards and will produce comparative country-by-country analysis with the aim of promoting professionalism among strategic communication practitioners from the Spanish-Portuguese speaking countries of Latin America. The research is managed by Ángeles Moreno (University Rey Juan Carlos-ES) and Juan Carlos Molleda (University of Florida-US) with the involvement of University Luterana do Brasil (BR), University of Medellín (CO), University of Sao Paulo (BR), Univesity of Pacífico (CH), Technological Institute of Monterrey (MX), National University of Córdoba (AR), St Martin de Porres University (PE), University of Panamá (PA), Technical Particular University of Loja (EC) and the support of key professional associations.

The study is organized by EUPRERA as an integral part of its aims of promoting and stimulating the transference of knowledge between the academy and the profession. “As a result of the experienced gained from the prestigious ECM study, we can only corroborate that a scientific knowledge-based practice contributes to give prestige and empower to communication roles. The Latin American Communication Monitor will enable to transfere scientific knowledge to the profession through the Spanish-speaking world and with special attention to Brazil too. Building bridges between these two continents through their shared culture and language with Spain is an opportunity for generating synergies for a best global development of strategic communication in the world”, asserts Ángeles Moreno, executive director of EUPRERA and manager of the study.

The Communication Directors Association (Dircom) collaborates closely with the ECM in Spain and is an strategic partner for the research in Latin America. Its board will also participate in the presentations of the results of the study in Spain and Latin America next June and July. The goal of Dircom is to share knowledge and networking with Latin America, being a strategic partner of this study, both in its promotion and dissemination. Montserrat Tarres, president, says: “it means to strengthening the role of Dircom on international initiatives for the development of corporative communication”.

The results of the study will be published at the end of June 2015 and will show the situation of public relations and strategic communication in Latin America, benchmarking a economic field more and more vigorous and dynamic.

About FCC, sponsor

FCC is the parent of one of the first European groups offering citizen services. It is present in the fields of environmental services, water and infrastructures. The approach to governance of this international company is to design and provide intelligent services for citizens. To that end, an extended range of services has been held with the common denominator of eco-efficiency.

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