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Public Affairs and Lobbying - 03.09.2015
The first network of EUPRERA members

Starting in summer 2015, members of EUPRERA can launch and take part in networks working together under a thematic heading with the purpose to generate research and collaborations in subfields of public relations. The first network focused on Public Affairs and Lobbying, launched by Scott Davidson (University of Leicester, UK), will be officially presented at the EUPRERA congress in Oslo, on October 1-3 2015.

Public affairs is a clearly identified communication specialism practiced by increasing numbers of professionals across Europe. It if frequently associated with lobbying, which is an important sub-function of public affairs. But modern public affairs is centred on the wider management of relationships, organising campaigns and the building of discursive communities across a range of stakeholder networks in order to influence any issue that may have legislative or regulatory policy implications. As such EUPRERA is a natural home for building this network.

Any member of EUPRERA with a research interest in public affairs and lobbying can join the network. The network welcomes and encourages scholars from diverse methodological backgrounds to participate.

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