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New book on Industrial Internet - 30.09.2015
Call for Contributions

Invitation by Prof. Dr. Joachim Klewes
Senior Partner of Ketchum Pleon,
associate professor at Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf,
founder of the Change Centre Foundation

Call it the “industrial internet”, “Industrie 4.0”, the “internet of things” or “digital transformation” – each of these terms is addressing fundamental changes for how organizations will work – and how women and men within organizations will co-operate. These aspects will be at the core of a book, Dirk Popp and me are preparing for Springer Science and Business Media, supported by Ketchum Pleon Germany, a leading communications consultancy.

It is our goal to assemble a diverse team of authors from leading global companies, associations, NGOs, and research institutions around the globe to contribute with an essay, article or interview to this book, to be published in spring 2016. Working title: “Transforming professional communications – New challenges of the industrial internet”.

Our focus will be on the changes, digital transformation will bring about for the professional communication of small and large businesses, of organizations, GOs and NGOs. The topic will be of increasing importance for hundreds and thousands of professionals in various corporate functions (GMs, CMOs, CCOs, CIOs etc.) as well as academics and students. Thus we are sure it will be a great opportunity to position yourself and your organization/university – or your work within the academic field.

A Senior Partner of Ketchum Pleon, associate professor at Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf, and founder of the Change Centre Foundation, my professional experience includes several thought leadership projects, publications and books, and scientific studies.

If you are interested, please contact the project manager Isabelle Bethe (, phone +49 30 726139 721) for details and requirements.

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