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New book: The Reputable Firm - 10.10.2015
How Digitalization of Communication Is Revolutionizing Reputation Management

by Pekka Aula and Jouni Heinonen

The book discusses contemporary reputation management and its relation to changing media landscape. It revisits the concept of reputation, bringing it up to date with the era of social media. Conventional reputation management was based on the ideology of linear communication where the firm tried to convince stakeholders of their good intentions and results by offering the same reputational information to large and wide audiences at the same time. The determining and crucial factor of contemporary reputation management is dialogical relations to multiple stakeholders in the flux of time. Legacy media and social media form a platform for interactive relationships, where stakeholders are able to pick and shop corporate information where ever and whenever they want to.

The Reputable Firm presents all key aspects business and communication leaders and scholars should know about reputation in the age of the communication revolution and clearly demonstrate how a good reputation can be a company’s permit to do business, its raison d’être and a guarantor of trust.

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