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LCM, the biggest research about communication in Latin America - 14.04.2016
Organized by EUPRERA and Dircom, now sponsored by Llorente y Cuenca

The Latin American Communication Monitor 2016-2017 will analyse the tendencies and the evolution of communication management

The professional Association of Communication Directors, Dircom, has signed a contract with the consultancy Llorente y Cuenca in order to sponsor the Latin American Communication Monitor (LMC) research in 2016-2017. This study, organised by EUPRERA, with Dircom as strategic partner, will analyse the tendencies of communication management and competence profile of communication managers in this geographic area.

The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), constituted by researchers from universities placed in more than 30 countries, is the main European academic institutions in the field of strategic communication and public relations. Its aims is to encourage researchers to share their knowledge among other academic members and public relations practitioners. EUPRERA organises several studies and investigation networks, like the European Communication Monitor (ECM), the baseline study about management communication in Europe and Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor. The Latin American Communication Monitor is led by Dr. Ángeles Moreno in Spain, at the Group of Advanced Studies in Communication of University Rey Juan Carlos.

Llorente & Cuenca, placed in 12 countries, is a consultancy firm dedicated to manage reputation, communication and public affairs in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. With 482 professionals, it offers strategic consultancy services to different companies, and it gives solutions so as to enhance reputation and business results through specialisation and innovation.

The LCM was published for the first time in 2015 with the goal of improving the knowledge about the profession in Latin America. It evaluates trends and managers profiles to analyse the changes produced in the field of strategic communication. Among the most significant conclusions of the study, it was highlighted the top priority of connecting organisational and communication strategies.

In 2015, 1.774 professionals from 18 Latin American countries participated in the survey. Practitioners considered that print media was losing popularity versus online communication. Nevertheless, an important progress in professionalism didn´t takes place in the last five years. Facing digital revolution and social media and maintaining the trust in organisations, are two important challenges for Latin American communication managers.

Llorente & Cuenca has own offices in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, The United States (Miami), Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and Dominican Republic. Aditionally, it offers its services through affiliated companies in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

EUPRERA will have the support of Ángeles Moreno, Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain) and Juan Carlos Molleda, University of Florida (EEUU) as directors of the LCM research. The investigation team is formed by Andréia Athaydes, Luterana University (Brazil); Ana María Suárez, University of Medellín (Colombia); Alejandro Álvarez, National University of Córdoba (Argentina); Marco Herrera, University of Communication (Mexico). Advisory board: Margarida Kunsch, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Octavio Islas, University of Hemisferios (Ecuador); Jenny Yaguache, Técnica Particular de Loja University (Ecuador); Marita Solórzano, San Martín de Porres University (Peru); Juan Cristobal Portales, University  of Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile); Elvira Lora, Pontificia University Católica Madre & Maestra (Dominican Republic).

About Dircom
Dircom is a professional association of communication practitioners and  directors  from companies, institutions and consulting groups in Spain. It currently boasts over 950 members and 7 territorial delegations. Its misión is to enhance the role of communication and communication executives in the organisations. In order to achieve this aim, Dircom uses four strategic main ideas: acknowledgement, knowledge, networking and CSR & Responsible Management.

For further information
Isabel Lorenzo, communication manager
Tlf. 917 02 13 77 ext. 5



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