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Strategic Communication for Non-Profit Organisations - 25.09.2016
A new book exploring challenges and alternative approaches

Despite the relevance in the public sphere, non-profit communication was never properly defined within communication research. The aim of this new book, edited by Gisela Goncalves, Ana Duarte Melo and Evandro Oliveira, is to offer an overview and report on Strategic Communication for Non-Profit-Organisations and the Challenges and Alternative Approaches.

Considering the assumption that key principle of strategic communication is the achievement of organisational goals, here the authors make a step on the proposal of new approaches that are centred on the concept of non-profit in various dimensions and from various perspectives, showing the diversity and complexity around this subject and at the same time the need of further theoretical and empirical work that provide frameworks and also tools for further understanding of the phenomena. Copies of the book will be available for consultation on the occasion of the EUPRERA 2016 congress. More info

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