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Press release (26-02-2008) - 20.04.2008 now available in English

The English language version of the "value creation through communication" portal has now gone live, following the German launch of the website run by the University of Leipzig and the DPRG "Value Creation" taskforce last August. Since then, the website has been visited by almost 10,000 users from Germany and other countries.

How does corporate communication help to add value? The user statistics on the website show it's an issue of interest to industry everywhere, not just in Germany. Users spent an average of almost five minutes browsing the total content. The most frequently accessed items were the DPRG abstracts on key performance indicators of communication and the case study pages. Though most viewers to date are from Germany, the figure for viewers from other countries is already as high as 13 percent.

The portal is a joint project of the University of Leipzig and the "Value Creation through Communication" task force of the German Public Relations Society (DPRG). It offers a broad knowledge platform on issues such as communication control, evaluation and value creation:

  • News. The latest on communication controlling and upcoming events.
  • Key performance indicators and value links. DPRG "Value Creation through Communication" task force abstracts on communication indicators.
  • Knowledge. Background information and definition of communication controlling; typical indicators for individual areas of corporate communication; reference models for putting theory into practice.
  • Methods. Definition of methods and processes; main applications; implementation requirements/pros and cons; cost framework; relevant service providers.
  • Resources. Case studies and further materials, presentations and articles; literature; links to relevant blogs, forums, information services, standards and international websites.

Encouraging international interaction

The entire content has now been translated into English. "We have developed innovative approaches on value drivers, value links and KPIs in the abstracts. The Balanced Scorecard is increasingly being used in Germany" says Jörg Pfannenberg, head of the "Value Creation" task force. "The time has now come to exchange views on an international scale and discuss our new approach with colleagues in other countries."

The task force plans further activities in a bid to promote cross-border exchange on the issue of communication control and evaluation. The German papers on value drivers, value links and KPIs are to be presented at the Global PR Festival in London in June. In September, Jörg Pfannenberg gives a presentation at the invitation of the Brazilian Corporate Communications Association. Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß, University of Leipzig, and his team will be working on various studies on topical issues concerning value addition and evaluation over the coming months.

About the initiators

University of Leipzig, voted the top address for media studies in the Handelsblatt Career Ranking 2006, is Germany's leading research location and think tank for communication management and public relations.
Milestones en route: Set up in 1409, Leipzig is Germany's second oldest university. 1916 saw the birth of communication studies in Europe at Leipzig with the setting up of the department of newspaper research by Karl Bücher. In 1993/94, Leipzig was the first German university to create a Chair in Public Relations (Prof. Dr. Günter Bentele), followed in 2006 by a Full Professorship in Communication Management (Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß). 2007 saw the launch of the first master's degree program in Communication Management in Germany. Main current research areas: strategy and value creation, trust, corporate social responsibility, innovation and technology communication, social web and investigative consumers, brand communication.

With more than 2500 members from all areas of industry, the German Public Relations Society (Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. V.; DPRG), Berlin, is the professional association of communication managers and PR experts in Germany. The DPRG represents its members' professional interests, commits its members to compliance with good professional practice, supports the training of qualified young talent, and promotes the image of PR among the public. DPRG members are professional communicators, heads of communication, members of PR departments, and press liaison officers in industry, government offices, institutions, church organizations and agencies, trainees and students.


German Public Relations Society (Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. V.) / Task Force „Value Creation through Communication“
Jörg Pfannenberg
Grafenberger Allee 115
D-40237 Düsseldorf
Tel.: + 49 211-68 78 35-12
Fax: + 49 211-68 78 35-50

University of Leipzig
Departement of Communication Management and Public Relations
Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß, Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele
Burgstr. 21
D-04109 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 341-97350-40
Fax: +49 341-97350-49

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