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Waiting for BledCom 2010 - 08.06.2010
17th International Symposium, 2-3 July 2010

In a few days, the 17th international symposium on PR research "BledCom" will take place in Bled (Slovenia) at the foot of the Julian Alps, on the shore of the lake.

This year the symposium theme is "Government Communication":

  • How does public relations contribute to policy-making, strategizing, and evaluation by government agencies?
  • What is the role of public relations vis-a-vis public diplomacy?
  • What contributions has public relations made, and public relations can make, toward developmental goals (political, social, and economic)?
  • How can the communication departments of governments be structured for effective management of communication by government agencies?

If you want to join, you can still do it on BledCom website!

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