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Mission, purpose, strategy
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EUPRERA mission statement

The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) is an autonomous organisation that aims at stimulating and promoting innovative knowledge and practices of public relations education and research in Europe.

Consequently, the academic staff and researchers constitute the explicit public group of the association. However, it is equally essential for any practitioner who wants to keep informed about the most recent developments regarding fundamental and applied research and about the new trends in the educational field. EUPRERA has direct and intensive contacts with the most prominent practitioners of each country of Europe.

EUPRERA is a network where the members attract, convey, disseminate and create innovations in Public Relations and communication.



EUPRERA purpose

EUPRERA has the following objectives at the European level:

  • Collecting, communicating and exchanging of innovative Public Relations research.
  • Encouraging innovative research within the field of Public Relations.
  • Encouraging innovative Public Relations education models in the different countries in order to connect this type of education with the world of practice.
  • Encouraging the development of innovative Public Relations methods as well as their promotion and dissemination.


EUPRERA Strategy

EUPRERA has been founded as a European members' association with a global character focusing on innovative PR Research & PR Education. Members' activities are central to Euprera. Everything starts and ends with the members.

EUPRERA links innovative research to education and practice: it's the place to exchange innovative knowledge and initiate cooperation.

EUPRERA welcomes advanced scholars as well as newcomers in the field of PR: different minds and perspectives are confronted in an open innovation system.

EUPRERA is the organisation for innovation ("novelty") to happen: being on the front of conceptualisation of the field by being inspiring. This implies innovation; network; best practice; stimulating creative teaching, learning and co-creation; being reflective on implications of research on education.

The detailed strategy to be implemeted year by year is decided by the Board of Directors together with members, who meet during two General Assemblies per year.

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