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European Communication Monitor (ECM)
Strategic Comm. and Entrepren. Role of CCOs
ICC Compass for Europe
Women in PR in Europe
Media Transparency
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Beyond Institutionalization
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Communication of the EU with the European Citizens
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European PR History Network (EPRHN)
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EUPRERA Projects

The members are living EUPRERA’s strategy

EUPRERA members continuously have the opportunity to submit new projects. Proposals are evaluated by the Board. Once the concept is approved, the EUPRERA member becomes a project leader.

The project leaders create, innovate, lead and participate in projects and invite new members to join or propose new projects.

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How to propose and lead your project

In order to be recognised as an EUPRERA project, every proposal needs to attract at least 3 EUPRERA members who join and form a project team, including the project leader. EUPRERA projects are collaborative efforts (not projects run by one member and backed by others) which truly use the EUPRERA network to join forces and produce results valuable to the EUPRERA community.

The EUPRERA board has to approve project proposals and has to approve the promotion of proposals to official projects. Proposals and projects will be announced on the EUPRERA website and the project leader will be able to maintain this information. Any proposals that were not able to activate a project within one year will be withdrawn by the board.

In order to facilitate projects, project leaders will have the chance to present their proposals/projects during the EUPRERA annual congress. Project teams will also have the opportunity to organize team meetings during the congress, also to gather with members who are interested to join.

Project leaders will regularly send an update of the project proposal (i.e. updating milestones and naming members who have already joined) as well as status reports (once the project is running) on or before January 31st and August 31st in each year of the project’s life.

Download here the form to propose new projects or update your current projects.

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