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MARPE: Master in European Public Relations

(page latest update: September 2015)

MARPE (Master in Public Relations in Europe) is a pan-European education programme aiming to expand students' understanding of public relations and its practice in a EU context. It is innovative in its flexible structure, cross viewed content and pedagogical approach.

MARPE is a comprehensive educational programme, which at least includes two semesters of highly specialised courses, and a final dissertation. As it is critical that future PR practitioners develop the knowledge and skills to be able to work in a fast changing international environment, MARPE is committed to the concepts of ‘applied learning’ and ‘progressive problem solving’.

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Project leader

Project team members

  • Dr Hélène Boulanger, Université de Lorraine, France
  • Dr Anca Anton, University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Dr Maria-José Solaz, Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU, Spain
  • Dr Susana De Carvalho, Instituto Superior de Novas Profissões, Portugal
  • Dr Mark Phillimore, Greenwich University, UK
  • Dr Howard Nothhaft, Lund University, Sweden
  • Dr Gisela Gonçalves, Universidade Beira Interior, Portugal
  • Dr Erkan Saka, Bilgi University, Turkey

Overall timeline

MARPE was launched in 1992-1993. It is an on-going academic project.

Results until now

  • Erasmus+ programme:3 years' proposal for a new Erasmus project (incl. a 3 years' Intensive Programma) within the MARPE consortium and external partners dedicated to Public Diplomacy, to be evaluated for application 2016.
  • MARPE Language Lines: fine-tuning curriculum and cooperation; reflecting on optimization of content and partnerships to secure the institutional investments within Erasmus(join degree development) : MARPE Line partners Universidad Cardenal Herrera (Spain), Instituto Superior de Novas Profissoes (Portugal), Université de Lorraine (France), University of Bucharest (Romania), Stirling University (UK) and University of Lund (Sweden).
  • Reflective articles (trust and transmission): papers at Communication Directors’ conference in Istanbul (Cotton, Carvalho, October 2014), X EUTIC conference in Lisbon (Cotton, October 2014) and Journée de Recherche “Confiance” in Paris (Cotton, Carvalho, December 2014).
  • Reflective presentations, activities and articles: The foreign policy of global business:
    Corporate and Public Diplomacy: from promotion and propaganda to Conversation and collaboration, Singapore, LKY School of Public Policy, part of world renowned NUS (Hayes, August 2015); Assises de la Pédagogie en Sciences Humaines et Sociales at Université de Lorraine (Boulanger, Cotton, Nowakowski, September 2015); Journée de Recherche “Négociations” in Paris (Boulanger, Cotton, Carvalho, December 2015).

Milestones for the next six months

  • Erasmus+ meeting: 5-6 February 2015 (Ghent, Belgium)
  • Erasmus+ meeting: w.o. 2 March 2015 (Ghent, Belgium)
  • Application Erasmus+ programme (March 2016): new 3 years'  Erasmus+ project within the MARPE consortium: Arteveldehogeschool University College (Belgium), University of Greenwich (UK), Universidad Cardenal Herrera (Spain), Universidade de Beira Interior (Portugal), Université de Lorraine (France), University of Bucharest (Romania), and Bilgi University (Turkey), Fundación del Foro para la Reputación, Marca y Comunicación Corporativas y para los Intangibles (Spain) and APCE- Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa (Portugal).
  • Erasmus+meeting: 3 October 2015 (Oslo, Norway)
  • Erasmus+meeting: December 2015 (Paris, France)
  • Erasmus+meeting: Febraury 2016 (Preparing application form)

Resource planning

MARPE is fully supported and financed by the partners (participating universities). Costs are:

  • Time devoted to set up and organisation
  • Travel & accommodation
  • Promotional activities

Can Euprera members still join the project?

Yes, as MARPE recruiting partner (first).

New partners (department of Communication, PR) are welcome to contribute to:

  • The development of the network dimension which will tie the partners’ involvement
  • The participation and support of the research project
  • The creation of a real Erasmus exchange culture on lecturers’ level which will stimulate the MARPE partnership (bi-lateral exchanges)
  • The support of the recruitment for the different language lines

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