A period rich of deadlines in view of this year’s conferences and activities. Be aware of six deadline extensions which may give you the opportunity to participate in case you were not in time:

ICA pre-conference on convergence – abstracts

Extension until February 25 to submit abstracts for the ICA pre-conference “Are We Moving Towards Convergence? Revisiting communication disciplines, theories, models and concepts” taking place on May 24 in Washington D.C. The purpose of this pre-conference is not only to study this debate, but also to contribute to it. We therefore invite junior and senior scholars representing one or more of the following disciplines – organizational communication, public relations, business communication, corporate communication, and strategic communication – to submit an abstract. More info

Marketing communication survey

Academics and practitioners in the fields of marketing communications and brand management are invited to participate in the survey on Brand Hijacking, prolonged until February 28. Respondents will receive a preview of the outcomes and the full findings from the University of Salerno. Please use the following links to participate to the survey which takes a few minutes only. More info

Sinergie-SIMA conference – papers

Extension until February 28 for the full papers submission to the Annual Sinergie-SIMA Conference in Rome on “Management and sustainability: Creating shared value in the digital era“, as well as to its special session on Strategic Communication. This conference, a gathering of the academic and business worlds with more than 30 years of history behind, also foresees publication opportunities, awards and recognitions for the best works, as well as convivial activities in the marvellous surroundings of Rome in late Spring. Please also consider the next deadlines: April 10 for extended abstract submission, May 15 for early bird registration. More info

Communication Management Forum – papers

Deadline extension also for this year’s forum on “Finding a common denominator: communication, tourism, culture and nation brand“, taking place at Edward Bernays University College in Zagreb on May 10-11: papers can be submitted until March 3. Creating your own nation brand that provides a key competitive advantage in relation to other countries is one of the advantages of contemporary times for communications and tourism experts. The forum aims to answer to key questions in an interdisciplinary approach. More info

ECREA conference Trial and Error – abstracts

The European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) Temporary Working Group on “Journalism and Communication Education” has extended to March 3 the abstract deadline for Trial and Error III. The conference, to be held in Salzburg, Austria, on May 17-18, is explicitly aimed at research about a broad variety of training for media professionals and will deal with the theme “Trial and Error III – Business as usual? On the Relationship between Industry and Education for Media Professionals in Times of Change“. More info

History of PR conference – abstracts

Given the significance of the 10th anniversary, two panels on History of PR have been included. This is an excellent opportunity if you missed the abstract deadline and still want to attend and actively participate. Individuals wishing to participate on either of the panels – Future of PR History or Teaching PR History – should create a 200 word (maximum) abstract of their contribution to the panel’s concept, to be sent on March 11 at the latest. More info