We are going to dive into the newest findings from studies, projects and thematic networks led by our members. A new and effective way to get in touch with state-of-the-art research on strategic topics of communication.

EUPRERA PhD Seminar 2024: Navigating Your PhD Journey
Date and Time:
Friday, April 18 – 4 PM (CEST)

This webinar is tailored for aspiring PhD candidates exploring the EUPRERA PhD seminar, underlining EUPRERA’s commitment to nurturing academic excellence and supporting public relations and communication research conducted by emerging scholars.

The webinar content will be outlined by Professor Øyvind Ihlen of the University of Oslo, looking into its objectives, format, and what participants can anticipate.
Professor Jens Seiffert-Brockman from WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business will unpack the eligibility criteria and offer advice on creating a strong application.
As a former participant, Ester Conings Vanvik from Kristiana University College will share her personal experience with the seminar, detailing the challenges, rewards, and how it influenced her PhD research.

The webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A session, offering attendees the opportunity to engage with the speakers.



Jens Seiffert-Brockmann, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Øyvind Ihlen, University of Oslo, Norway
Ester Conings Vanvik, Lund University, Sweden

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ARCHIVE and RECORDINGS of previous webinars
The state of strategic communication and public relations in Latin America.
Results of LCM 22-23
Friday, April 11 – 6 PM (CEST)

Join us to explore the current strategic communication and public relations landscape in Latin America.
In this webinar, we will present the most relevant results from the Latin American Communication Study (LCM) for 2022-2023. Discover emerging trends, key challenges, and opportunities in the field of strategic communication in the Latin American region. Experts in the field will share insightful analysis and reflections on the current state and future of corporate communication, reputation management, and media interaction in the Latin American context.

The Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM) is the most prestigious scientific study in Latin America on strategic communication and public relations. In the 2022-2023 edition, titled ‘Strategic Communication and Public Relations in Latin America: Diversity and Empathetic Leadership, CommTech, and Consultancy’, 1,134 professionals from 20 countries have contributed, providing a comprehensive view of the profession in the region.


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PR Education: Quo Vadis?
April 5, 2024,  4 pm (CEST)

The university institutionalisation of public relations has been going through a turmoil in the last few years (or even decades). Recent research documents the same trends: the elimination of single honours degrees at UG level and curricular redesign prompted by institutional objectives or priorities. Some of the reasons presented for such drastic changes range from the pressure leaders face, to embedding employability into the curriculum (echoing national governments’ agendas on the matter) or decision-makers’ perception of the dynamics in the practice of public relations. More recently, EUPRERA (European Public Relations Education and Research Association) has created the first network of members interested on the pedagogical side of PR. Complementarily, the new EUPRERA President, professor Jesper Falkheimer, has announced that the focus on PR education will be one of the key priorities of EUPRERA (EUPRERA, 2024).

Starting from the recent publication of two of the network’s members, Dr. Raluca Moise and Dr. Michal Chmiel in Public Relations Inquiry, the present webinar invites EUPRERA members and interested parties into a necessary reflection on the future of PR higher education in the UK. The following themes will be discussed:

  • environmental forces for UK PR degrees;
  • societal dynamics and the integration of newness in PR degrees (e.g. employability, EDI and AI);
  • the role of professional associations and educational committees for the PR curriculum.

More about the speakers 

Women in PR History
February 19, 2024,  10 pm (CET)

This webinar tells “her-story” in the field of public relations.
There has been only scarce reference to how women have shaped the area of communication and public relations even though historically their role can be traced back centuries.
Either through nature or nurture, women excelled at a national and international level, leaving a mark, laying the foundations, and, of course, contributing to and leading developments.
Dr Topics, Dr Fitch and Dr Theofilou try to change the discourse by presenting different cases of women in PR history from around the world and in various industries.


More about the speakers.

Leadership and Wellbeing in Communication Industries
January 30, 2024

This webinar discusses wellbeing in communication industries with respect to leadership and workplace culture. The speakers discuss original research findings collected as part of the EUPRERA research network ‘Women in PR’ where the research team surveyed communication practitioners generally. Panelists discuss what constitutes excellent leadership, how practitioners assess the supportiveness of their managers, and what wellbeing issues they report. The webinar runs as a round table discussion with Q&A at the end. The coordinator of the webinar is Dr Martina Topić (University of Alabama, US) who also leads the EUPRERA research network.


More about the speakers.

Insights from the 2023 European Communication Monitor
November 10, 2023

The webinar will focus on the European Communication Monitor (ECM), a long-standing and extensive study in the professional communications sector. This annual study, conducted for 15 years across nearly 50 European countries, has been supported by EUPRERA and various academic institutions. In 2023, the researchers aim to summarise the key insights from their longitudinal research and discuss its implications for education, research, and industry practice.

The ECM 2023 report identifies five key areas that will shape the future of strategic communication and need specific attention, based on the empirical data and current research which has been additionally evaluated. These topics will be explained and expanded on in the webinar but they are:
1) Leveraging the potential of advanced tech and data use
2) Developing rare competencies and new roles for professionals
3) Reaching and impacting audiences in a hyperconnected world
4) Leading and motivating extraordinary communication teams
5) Building relationships in times of misinformation and distrust
The webinar will feature discussions by Professors Ralph Tench and Dejan Verčič, along with Stephen Waddington, offering insights into the ECM’s findings and its relevance to modern communication practices. It will also provide an opportunity for questions and answers.

The ECM is a rigorous academic study led by prominent university professors and supported by EUPRERA and the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), with partnerships from organisations such as Cision, CECOMS, #NORA, and Fink & Fuchs.

The ECM has tracked the evolution of important issues for communicators since 2007. Notably, building and maintaining trust and aligning communication with business strategy consistently remain top priorities for communicators. Stakeholder expectations regarding sustainability and social responsibility, as well as managing the challenges and opportunities of the digital and globalised information flow, have also been key concerns.


More about the speakers.

Communication in uncertain times
How organizations deal with issues, risks and crises
November 3, 2023

In this webinar, Chiara Valentini discusses with several scholars, who contributed to the new EUPRERA book, their recent research findings on how organizations communicate and interact with their stakeholders in uncertain times.
The webinar is based on EUPRERA’s new Congress book, that contains twelve chapters on how organizations deal with issues, risks and crises and will appear in 2024 as Volume 7 in Emerald’s book series ‘Advances in Public Relations and Communication Management’.
In this webinar you will get a vivid preview of some of the novel insights related to how organizational communication has changed after the pandemic, employee engagement during critical situation, CEO’s role in crisis situation and stakeholder perceptions, government communications in times of crises.


More about the speakers.

Insights from the Prague Education Cafe
An EUPRERA Education Network webinar
October 27, 2023

During the EUPRERA 2023 Congress that took place in Prague, the Education Network introduced the Education Café as a way to explore issues shared by EUPRERA members and EUPRERA Congress participants in their teaching activity. This 90-minute workshop was an adaptation of the World Café, a methodology for hosting group dialogue that emphasizes the power of simple conversation in considering relevant questions and themes.

The participants in the Education Café went through four rounds of informal discussions regarding a selection of topics, issues and possible solutions that are relevant to communication and public relations education. The topics were shortlisted by the EUPRERA members through an online poll prior to the Prague Congress and then the participants selected the final topics. After fruitful and engaged discussions during the Education Café, the Education Network will present a summary and actionable insights from the discussions through the four members who acted as moderators in Prague.

Topics discussed during the Prague Education Café:

From negative to positive: Transform negative, dull or problematic tools and activities for the students (e.g.: leading an online presentation, integrating ChatGPT, identifying issues and solutions themselves) into positive and constructive ones in the classroom.
Education and sustainability: How do we teach and embed sustainability into courses/curriculums, how do we enable a clearer link between sustainability, what we teach and SDGs in order to build a framework around teaching PR and sustainability?
The challenge of reading: How to bring students to read (in a blended environment)? If the students do not go through the recommended readings before the class, it is difficult to have a constructive experience.
Gen Z: How to talk with them, how to bridge the gap? Are we speaking the same language?


Communicating a pandemic
Crisis management and Covid-19 in the Nordic countries
June 28, 2023

On the webinar the speakers present research on the experiences of how the Covid-19 pandemic was communicated in the Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The Nordic countries are often discussed in terms of similarities concerning an extensive welfare system, economic policies, media systems, and high levels of trust in societal actors. However, in the wake of a global pandemic, the countries’ coping strategies varied, creating certain question marks on the existence of a “Nordic model”.


The Human Element in PR
Highlights from the Pamplona congress book
June 19, 2023

In today’s disruptive and uncertain world, going back to the basic elements of public relations – people and relationships – when managing communications is more important than ever before. This is at the core of the brand-new book featuring research presented at the EUPRERA congress held in Pamplona, which is titled “(Re)discovering the Human Element in Public Relations and Communication Management in Unpredictable Times”. In this webinar, several authors discuss how they addressed this theme and present their most relevant research outcomes.


Sabine Einwiller, University of Vienna, co-editor of the book and co-author of chapter 5 “Diversity, Inclusion, and Communication: The Role of Internal Communication in Creating an Inclusive Work Environment”

Mirela Holy, VERN’ University, authors of chapter n. 2 “Strategic Communication in Unpredictable Times: A Case Study of Croatian Universities”

Daniel Wolfgruber, HEC Montreal, co-author with Sabine Einwiller of chapter n. 5 “Diversity, Inclusion, and Communication: The Role of Internal Communication in Creating an Inclusive Work Environment”

Albena Björck, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, co-author with Selina Guhl and Robin Sticher of chapter n. 6 “Strategic Internal Communication and Generational Change: Opportunities and Challenges for Segmentation and Customisation by Generation. A Study of Swiss Communication Managers”

Anja Špoljarić, University of Zagreb, co-author with Dejan Verčič of chapter n. 7 “The Effects of Social Exchange Quality Indicators on Employee Engagement through Internal Communication”

How do I write a successful master thesis?
May 16, 2023

We asked the winners of the EUPRERA Master Thesis Award for Excellence how to  write a successful master thesis. Our winners Anne Cumming and Daniel Ziegele have been interviewed by current master students who wanted to get advice about their upcoming tour de force. Further questions have been asked by the public attending the webinar. The webinar is moderated by Martina Topić from Leeds Beckett University, who also coordinates the EUPRERA award.

  • Anne Cumming, University of Stirling, winner of theoretical master award 2022
  • Daniel Ziegele, Leipzig University, winner of theoretical master award 2020
  • Ilaria Vetrone, master student at IULM University, Italy
  • Arya Dhamorikar, master student at Stirling University, UK
  • Martina Topić, Leeds Beckett University, coordinator of the award

More about the speakers

This webinar is linked to the EUPRERA Master Thesis Award for Excellence

EQ for Strategic Communication, a focus on Women in Leadership
March 2, 2023

(recording soon available)

This webinar looks at emotional intelligence (EQ) within strategic communications industries with a focus on women’s leadership styles. The webinar discusses how EQ generally supports strategic communications and leadership, whether any gender-specific skills impact communication and leadership, and women’s leadership styles within mass communications industries. The speakers aim to provide some practical recommendations for practitioners and open some questions to inform further research.


More about the speakers

This webinar is linked to the EUPRERA network Women in PR

Gender and Freelancing in the Communication Industries.
Experiences, practices and discourses.
January 30, 2023

The webinar discusses the relevance for more knowledge in communication studies on freelancing and its expressions in different types of industries. Anca Anton and Raluca Moise have conducted since 2020 a research project focusing on communication freelancers; one of the findings was while there were significant similarities between genders, female participants reported specific nuances. The speakers have also identified a major gap in the current research that could develop the intersections between gender, communication industries and freelancing as a dominant form of flexible work arrangements or self-employment. For this reason, the webinar reflects on the realities of freelancing in communication industries and the dimensions of further scientific investigation. A call for chapters on gender and freelancing will be presented.


More about the speakers

Artificial intelligence in public relations
November 17, 2022

Artificial Intelligence has been around for more than four decades, yet only in the last decade its progress has altered the whole scenery of communication in the digital world. The dynamism involved in the subject needs continuous research to counter new problems arising out of innovations by marketers. It appears that AI will affect the job industry because unlike previous technologies of human history AI is trying to replicate human intelligence itself. The aim of this webinar is to provide knowledge and understanding regarding the new technologies of artificial intelligence applications in PR.


More about the speakers

This webinar is linked to the EUPRERA network Digital transformation and PR

International Communication after Corona

Webinar recording – Panelists from four countries on three continents discussed situation and changes concerning international Corporate, organizational and marketing communication after the changes linked with the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar has been organized by the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences (Germany) within the framework of the EUPRERA project ICCC “International Corporate Communication Compass”. Speakers: Kara S. Alaimo, Hofstra University, USA | Ganga Danesh, Zayed University, UAE | Diana Ingenhoff, University of Fribourg, Switzerland | Holger Sievert, Macromedia University, Germany | Stephen Waddington, Newcastle University, UK.

Latin-American Communication Monitor

Webinar recording – Cibersecurity, Women’s status, Ethical challenges and New competencies in Communication Management in Latin America. An exclusive presentation of preliminary results of the EUPRERA’s project “Latin American Communication Monitor” 2020-2021, the major study about communication practitioners in LatinAmerica.
Speakers: Juan Carlos Molelda | Marco Hererra


Webinar recording – The latest outcomes of the recent global study COM-COVID, investigating the communication management of the COVID 19 crisis in diverse countries (Europe, Africa, China), the effectiveness of governmental communication by the general population and much more.
Speakers: Angeles Moreno | Stefania Romenti | Ralph Tench | Gemma Bridge | Juan Meng | Chinedu Jude Nwasum | Leli Bibilashvili | Camelia Cmeciu | Anca Anton | Anamaria Nicola Neagu

Women in PR & ECM

Webinar recording – This study explores Women Leadership in strategic communication, referring to the outcomes of the project Women in PR and of the European Communication Monitor 2020. Additionally, the study offers a series of country reports to compare and contrast the position of women in Europe.
Speakers: Angeles Moreno | Martina Topic | Cristina Fuentes | Luisa Alli | Maria Joao Cunha | Carla Cruz | Mirela Polić | Mirela Holy | Natia Kaladze | Leli Bibilashvili

Scientific Journals Analysis

Webinar recording – The fresh outcomes of a study which evaluated how academics use journal ranking systems, what their impact is on career and research decisions. As a result, it’s now available a list of preferred publications for PR and communication scholars.
Speakers: Ralph Tench | Johanna Fawkes | Gemma Bridge, Leeds Beckett University

MARPE & Diplomacy

Webinar recording – This is the first in a series of videos dedicated to the progress of the research done by the MARPE Diplo team, analysing an emerging discipline -public, corporate and civic diplomacy- at the intersection of the fields of communication sciences, international relations, and political sciences from a communication / PR perspective.
Speakers: Hélène Boulanger | Pepe Martinez | Susana de Carvalho | Sonia Sebastiao | Anca Anton | Anne-Marie Cotton

Online Cafe: Teaching and writing about public affairs and lobbying

An informal discussion on public affairs resources to support teaching and writing, as we consider developing new teaching resources based on the participants’ views and experiences. Speakers: Scott Davidson | Chiara Valentini | Magda Pieczka | Øyvind Ihlen.

Best Master Thesis winners & hints

Webinar recording – The winners on the of the 2020 EUPRERA Master Thesis Award for Excellence presented their insights followed by a Q&A and hints on how to produce a distinctive master thesis. The webinar has been hosted by the award coordinator and head of jury Alexander Buhmann (BI Norwegian Business School).
Speakers: Alexander Buhmann | Sasha Jurchak | Daniel Ziegele

Academic Career Q&A

Webinar recording – Addressed to early-career academics, this session answered several questions on career paths: how to apply for a professorship in Europe, do’s and don’ts, and much more.
Speakers: Ansgar Zerfass, Universität Leipzig | Diana Ingenhoff, Université de Fribourg | Sabine Einwiller, Universität Wien.

PhD Path

Addressed to doctoral candidates, this webinar has been an opportunity to talk about the attendees’ ongoing work and get feedback from experts and peers.
Speakers: Øyvind Ihlen, University of Oslo | Chiara Valentini, University of Jyväskylä | Jens Seiffert-Brockmann, Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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