Public Relations Inquiry
special issue
Toward a Latin American perspective in PR theory and practice

In professional and academic contexts, foreign models are applied to Latin America not necessarily taking into account economic, political, and sociological contexts that may result in native theoretical propositions. Moreover, it has been said that there is a colonialist influence in the Latin American public relations body of knowledge (Molleda et al., 2017).

Despite some advances, there is still scarce Latin American research with global academic and professional impact. However, Vásquez et al. (2018) have shed some light over the current state of Latin American scholarship. According to them, it is dominated by two concerns that could be shaping its identity: a practical orientation of research and a predominance of documenting local realities.

With this in mind, this special issue seeks papers that provide an in-depth reflection on the current state of the art of the public relations discipline in Latin America. The aim is to discuss novel and native theoretical frameworks, case studies as well as emerging works that can contribute to the discipline globally.

Deadline for submissions:
September 30, 2020
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