Big data is a fundamental element in order to plan the overall strategies for Latin American organizations. Nevertheless, only one quarter of the practitioners believes that big data can change their profession, and only 17.6 per cent of departments and agencies have already implemented this type of activities. Apart from the management of massive data, the use of social media in the society and organizations has changed the communication management scenario. But it still exists a gap between the importance given to social media as a tool and their real implementation.
These are some of the conclusions of the Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM), a study organized by EUPRERA with the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Communication Directors (Dircom) and the sponsorship of LLORENTE & CUENCA, the leading reputation, communication and public affairs management consultancy in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. The results have been presented at Cibecom, in Miami, on April 7. Read the full press release