The Russian Journal of Communication (Taylor & Francis) issues a call for papers that intersect interdisciplinary approaches to big and open data, ethics and the Russian case. Big data, like Russia, marks a new generator in the promises and perils of the digital – and social – revolution. Hidden algorithms, invisible software, and a trivially large scaling of real-time data processes are increasingly shaping our individual, interpersonal, organizational and international communication. The same services that may profit organizations may also disrupt delicate social, cultural, political, economic ecosystems.
Abstracts for papers should be submitted by April 15, 2017; based on these abstracts, editors will contact prospective authors by April 17 to invite selected authors to prepare full papers for publication. Final papers will be due on June 1, 2017. Editors are interested in projects and books on the theme and book reviewers as well, and also invite to join the open discussions (via skype) at the leading Russian universities in April, May and June. The most interesting speeches will be published.
Please send inquiries and submissions by April 15, 2017 to and