Recently published the latest issue of Communication Insights “How to play the game”. Over the course of the last two and a half years the Academic Society for Management & Communication has looked at how communication can contribute to a company’s success. It’s an ongoing struggle that communication departments face: the need to explain how they contribute to the success of the company. And so far, no consistent understanding has been existing.
“So far a common language has been missing to explain how corporate communications creates value, which roles are performed by Chief Communication Officers, and which communication targets are in place”, says Ansgar Zerfass. “However, our research has shown that these issues matter more to the management board and top management than issues such as KPIs and performance measures, which have dominated the discussion up to now. As a result, we have developed new tools based on established management concepts that will allow communication departments to speak the same language as the board“. These new tools explain the core goals, contributions and roles of communication.
All the research findings have been summarized in the latest issue of Communication Insights, written specially for practitioners, available to download free of charge at