The University of Fribourg’s Department of Communication and Media Research DCM offers an international visiting scholarship raised by the department’s founding fathers Dr. Max Gressly and Dr. Florian Fleck for post-doctoral researchers and non-tenured professors.
As a trilingual institution (French, German, English) the University of Fribourg provides a truly international research environment with plenty of opportunities to share ideas. Moreover, visiting scholars can benefit from enriching research opportunities in Switzerland. The remuneration consists of CHF 5.000, permitting a stay of two to three months. Visiting scholars will have the chance to collaborate with established scholars and to contribute to academic discussions at the department.
The scholarship addresses young internationally-orientated scholars who are on a research or a sabbatical leave. The quality of the applicants should be demonstrated by publications in international peer-reviewed journals or by promising ongoing research projects. Priority will be given to applicants from outside of Switzerland focusing on research projects which correspond to the research interests at the DCM.
Deadline for applications is September 30, 2017. For more details and how to apply, please check the call for applications