The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Communication Studies. The position is with the Department of Communication and Media Research DCM. The appointment begins in early 2020 and is limited to five years. In case of a positive tenure evaluation, the assistant professor will be promoted to a permanent full professorship.

Candidates may either focus on societal (macro-level) or on individual (micro-level) issues of communication and media research from a social scientific perspective. Candidates should have high command of both French and English. Administrative languages at the University of Fribourg are German and French. Thus, a passive knowledge of German is expected in the medium term. The salary is competitive. The University of Fribourg provides equal opportunities for women and men and aims at achieving gender balance.

Follow the instructions in the job offer and apply by April 1.

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