Researchers at the Department of strategic communication at Lund University have during 2014–2018 conducted the research project “The communicative organization”. The final report of the project is now published.

The aim of the project is to increase our knowledgeof the importance of communication for reaching goals and attaining success in an organization. Another underlying aim is to contribute to new understanding of future demands and challenges for communication professionals and organizations’ communication. The project leader was Mats Heide and the following researchers were involved in the project:  Jesper Falkheimer, Howard Nothhaft, Sara von Platen, Charlotte Simonsson and Ph.D. student Rickard Andersson.

This project has studied eleven Swedish companies and public organizations. The study is based on both a quantitative survey study (over 8,000 respondents) and a qualitative interview study (approximately 170 interviewees).

The final report offers a definition of the communicative organization and seven steps towards becoming a communicative organization.

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