The European Communication Monitor 2019 report is available now! Results of the world’s largest study into strategic communication and public relations have been presented today, May 23, at the European Communication Summit in Berlin. The study, led by Ansgar Zerfass, surveyed almost 2700 professionals in 46 countries producing the following highlights:

  • Communication practitioners experience a low level of trust in their profession, but feel confident on a personal level with their colleagues, bosses, clients and audiences
  • External experts and top management are rated as the most trusted organisational advocates with marketing/ sales and communications lagging behind
  • Artificial Intelligence is expected to impact the profession, but communication practitioners lack competencies and experience
  • Sponsored content is frequently used by every second organisation in Europe
  • There are significant differences between countries, as well as companies and non-profits across Europe

Find out more in the comprehensive overview pdf flyer (2 pages) or read the full report available for free.