IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, has signed a partnership agreement with EUPRERA. Under the agreement, inter alia, the organisations will inform each other about study outcomes, publications and events to help with the development of the PR profession.

EUPRERA President Dra. Ángeles Moreno comments “The role of communication has become more than important in the current year: it has been essential to survive. There is an urgent need to rethink once again about paradigms of efficiency and create new scientific and reliable knowledge. How could and should public relations contribute to the construction of the new social and corporate realities? EUPRERA is very happy to execute its mission in cooperation with IPRA to facilitate a transfer of knowledge between the professional and academic fields. We are convinced that, together, we can better lead the industry to the next level.”

IPRA is working with PR Associations connecting communications professionals from all over the world into an ecosystem that addresses some of the most complex challenges in the PR industry,” explains IPRA President Svetlana Stavreva. “Our new partnership with EUPRERA is a great platform for communications professionals to join forces and help our industry and profession in times when we need it most.

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