The 27th International Public Relations Research Conference BledCom 2020 has reached over 9,000 viewers on Facebook where it moved due to travel restrictions around the world. Videos of the live opening, the keynote, a panel and the closing session that were transmitted live on Friday, 3 July and available at the BledCom website: .

The keynote ”Connecting Humans, Changing Lives” was delivered by Alice Clements, General Manager of Stakeholder Engagement and Communications for Brisbane South PHN (Australia).   ”COVID-19 and its nexus with public relations around the world” was discussed by Cara Alaimo (Hofstra University, USA), Sun Sun Lim (Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore), Stephen Waddington (Wadds Inc. And Newcastle University, UK), and moderated by Dejan Verčič (University of Ljubljana and Herman & partners, Slovenia).

Abstracts and video presentations of papers
presented at the 27th BledCom are also published on