EUSER has the pleasure to invite you to join the upcoming virtual (and in-person for residents) conferences in Autumn 2020.

ICSS XXII, 22nd International Conference on Social Sciences,
Amsterdam Science Park, October 30-31
Registration and abstract deadline: October 3
ICMS XXIV, 24th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies
University of Brussels, December 11-12
Registration and abstract deadline: October 23

Both conferences offer seven main sessions in the domains of Social, Educational, Language, Economics, Engineering, Medicine and Interdisciplinary Studies. The aim is bringing together acdemics, scholars, authors and PhD students from all over the world to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on recent developments and studies on these fields. There will be multiple sessions programmed according to the field study of the presenters.

Considering the travel limitations, the conference will mainly be carried out with live oral presentations in virtual rooms as well as with prerocorded videos and slides. The residents of Netherlands and Belgium will be able to join the conferences locally if the conditians are permittable. The international participants will make the presentation in distance.

Four presentation methods will be provided (please specify the one you prefer while registering):

  1. Oral (joining an online session room speaking realtime with or without a presentation document)
  2. Poster (presentation of your poster in a virtual session room with realtime speech)
  3. Forum presentation (slides or prerecorded video permanently shared on the interactive author page), no realtime speech
  4. Journal publishing only (joining as a listener, without any presentation)

The abstracts and full papers will be published in proceedings book with ISBN. The registered full papers will be published in one of the 10 scientific journals (indexed in Elsevier Mendeley, Crossref, WorldCat, RePEc etc).

Please refer to the event websites for more details.