The team of the EUPRERA Public Affairs and Lobbying network are happy to share with our community their latest publications:

  1. Ihlen, Ø., & Raknes, K. (2020). Appeals to ‘the public interest’: How public relations and lobbying create a social license to operate. Public Relations Review, 46(5), 101976. OPEN ACCESS Read
  2. Valentini, C., Ihlen, Ø., Somerville, I., Raknes, K., & Davidson, S. (2020). Trade unions and lobbying: Fighting fat cats while defending the public interest? International Journal of Communication, 14, 4913–4931. OPEN ACCESS Read
  3. Ihlen, Ø., Valentini, C., Davidson, S., & Shavit, A. (2020). Lobbying, the public interest, and democracy: Communication perspectives. Journal of Public Affairs, 20(2), e2091. doi:10.1002/pa.2091 Read
  4. Raknes, K., & Ihlen, Ø. (2020). Self-interest in new wrapping: “Appeal to the public interest” as a topos in lobbying. Journal of Public Affairs, 20(2), e2059. doi:10.1002/pa.2059 Read
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