Following the Virtual General Assembly (VGA) concluded on October 31, we are happy to announce the composition of the Board of Directors for the next year, with 3 members starting their new mandates* on January 1st 2021:

  • President: Angeles Moreno
  • *President Elect: Stefania Romenti
  • *Executive Director: Jesper Falkheimer
  • *Executive Director: Diana Ingenhoff
  • Director of PR and Admin.: Virginia Villa

In the same VGA other members have been appointed (or their mandates renewed) for key positions in the association:

  • Head of Scientific Committee: Sabine Einwiller
  • Coordinator of PhD activities: Øyvind Ihlen
  • Coordinator of Master award: Martina Topic
  • Coordinators of PhD award: Betteke van Ruler, Günter Bentele
  • Auditors: Alejandro Alaverz Nobell, Mirela Polic
  • Treasurer: Etienne Claes

A special thank goes to Ralph Tench who is ending his mandate as Past President in December: Ralph has been Head of Scientific Committee for 4 years, Executive Director for 2 years and President for 4 years, bringing concrete support, fresh thinking and new activities in our association.

Best wishes to these 13 colleagues for a brilliant year, despite the difficult times we are living and which continuously force us to reschedule our programmes, but also motivate us to do our best and find new solutions.