Just released the latest issue of Journal of Communication Management (volume 24, issue 4) with a collection of papers from the EUPRERA 2019 congress held at the University of Zagreb on the theme Joy. Using strategic communication to improve the quality of life. Guest editor: Sabine Einwiller, EUPRERA head of the scientific committee. The selected excellent papers:

  1. The role of public relations in building community resilience to natural disasters: perspectives from Sri Lanka and New Zealand
    M.K. Gayadini Imesha Dharmasena, Margalit Toledano, C. Kay Weaver
  2. Assessing an organizational crisis at the construal level: how psychological distance impacts publics’ crisis responses
    Sungsu Kim, Yan Jin, Bryan H. Reber
  3. Conversational agents in online organization–stakeholder interactions: a state-of-the-art analysis and implications for further research
    Salla Syvänen, Chiara Valentini
  4. Does good internal communication enhance life satisfaction?
    Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Nina Pološki Vokić, Ana Tkalac Verčič
  5. Artificial intelligence in communication management: a cross-national study on adoption and knowledge, impact, challenges and risks
    Ansgar Zerfass, Jens Hagelstein, Ralph Tench
  6. Women in public relations (1982–2019)
    Martina Topić, Maria Joäo Cunha, Amelia Reigstad, Alenka Jelen-Sanchez, Ángeles Moreno
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