You are welcome to join the Nordic Academy of Management for its conference “Bringing research together” in Örebro, Sweden, on August 25-27, 2021.

The conference theme targets how business administration is one discipline, but too often is discussed, researched, taught, and indeed conferenced in silos. Together, we are researchers in marketing, accounting, organization, and so on. Yet, together, more importantly, we are business and management researchers. The conference theme ‘bringing research together’ is therefore about tearing down the silos of business administration and starting to think more holistically about the firm, its context, offerings, and performance. None of the individual subject areas matter without the other. Put more strongly: none of us matter without the rest of us.

Bringing research together is also about tearing down boundaries between research, teaching, and business. The conference theme poses us to think about: How we are relevant, yet independent; what we need from industry; what industry needs from us; and, how can we bring our research into teaching and practice.

The call for papers also includes the track Organizational and Strategic Communication, led by our member Helena Kantanen together with Merja Koskela and Heidi Hirsto.

Abstracts are due by January 30, 2021. For each step of the process, the organisers follow guidance within the Nordic countries regarding the current Corona pandemic; the idea is to postpone up to August 2022, rather than go digital.

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