The Communication Management Forum Programme Committee invites abstracts related to the topic “The post-pandemic world: A bad picture or a good opportunity?” for its international scientific conference to be held in March.

The fourth edition of the international scientific conference Communication Management Forum will be held on the 19th and 20th of March 2021. The main theme is „The post-pandemic world: A bad picture or a good opportunity?”. The conference is organised by Edward Bernays University College, Institute for Social Research in Zagreb and Institute for Tourism. The fourth edition of the conference will be held completely online.

In addition to the health situation, the coronavirus pandemic has affected all segments of society. The economy and social life have entered a state of dormancy, interpersonal relationships take place under the influence of physical distance or have been transferred to the digital world, business travel has proved unnecessary in the world of teleconferencing, people’s social lives have changed, young people are changing patterns for finding a partner, new practices have been introduced in the education system, the psychosocial health of individuals is under threat. At all levels, the pandemic has completely changed the outlook and functioning of the entire world. The question is in which direction will societies develop in the future, how will citizens behave after the pandemic, how will interpersonal relationships be established, but also how will employers and employees, whose attitudes have partially changed, behave?

Aiming to bring together a wide interdisciplinary circle of researchers, the fourth edition of the conference, Communication Management Forum 2021, is tasked with answering the question of what awaits us after the end of the pandemic. Is the picture of the post-pandemic world positive or negative? What have we learned from the pandemic to become a better, healthier and happier society, but also more successful employees? Will the world continue to function as if nothing happened or will we, based on the knowledge and experience gained, make use of everything that has proven useful in the pandemic? The answers to the previously asked questions are found in an interdisciplinary approach that, as a scientific basis and explanation, offers a symbiosis of sociology, psychology, communication, political and education sciences, economics and marketing. Combining knowledge from all of these disciplines leads to a qualitative shift that results in the creation of a broader understanding of the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as how the overall situation will affect all spheres of human life with emphasis on interpersonal relationships, education, communication, as well as tourism as an important branch of the economy.

Papers proposed for the conference must be based on current and original research by the authors. In the paper abstract in Croatian or English, ranging from 300 to 500 words, it is necessary to state the goal and purpose of the paper, to provide a clear methodology, the key results and the practical application and social significance of the paper itself. In addition to the abstract, it is necessary to send information about the authors (scientific-teaching grade, institution, address, telephone number, e-mail). Abstracts must be sent to by January 17, 2021.

Peer-reviewed papers from the conference will be published in special editions of the academic journals Tourism, Sociology and Space and Communication Management Review.

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