Sustainable marketing and performance management.
Contributions to theories, methods, and practices.

Eds. Alfonso Siano, Stefania Romenti, Ralph Tench
Special issue of Springer’s Italian Journal of Marketing

Sustainable economic development poses major challenges for marketing (Peattie, 2001). The cause of sustainable marketing is furthered by promoting economic growth (Hunt, 2011). Sustainable marketing can be achieved through the contribution of three existing marketing sub-disciplines: green marketing, social marketing, and critical marketing (Gordon et al., 2011). Sustainable marketing incorporates ethical, environmental and social issues, with a specific sensitivity to the needs of future generations (Lim, 2016; Lučić, 2020).

However, referring marketing strategies and tactics to sustainability means dealing with a wide range of financial and non-financial performance indicators to assess the effectiveness, as well as the efficiency and the adequateness of the work done (McDonagh; Prothero, 2014).

The aim of this special issue is to show if existing performance indicators could be useful to capture the whole value encapsulated into sustainable marketing activities and how the contribution of sustainable marketing to organizational performance could be assessed and disclosed.

This special issue will be structured around an agnostic research approach, since quantitative, qualitative, financial, theoretical and big data contributions are all welcomed. Works reflecting how insights can be extrapolated from data and social media are also appreciated. Deadline for paper submissions: April 30, 2021.

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