For the first time, the Academic Society for Management & Communication presents the Communications Trend Radar.

The Communications Trend Radar identifies denialism, virtuality, sustainable communications, digital nudging, and voice interaction as key drivers for change. It is the result of an extensive study that covers articles from both research and practice.

In recent months, the world has changed faster than ever. It’s not easy for communications managers to keep track of all these changes, not to mention advise their top management and adjust corporate communications accordingly. “We have seen various trend studies within the communications industry. But we have deliberately broadened our view to explore trends in management, society, and technology. We want to know how changes in these neighboring fields affect corporate communications. This is unique,” explains Ansgar Zerfass, professor at Leipzig University. “Our goal is to support communicators with sound scientific analyses. We want to draw their attention early on to developments that they aren’t necessarily aware of and thus strengthen their role in the organization,” adds Stefan Stieglitz, professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Both researchers jointly head the Communications Trend Radar.

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