Out of 24 applications from 9 different countries, the Jury, together with a panel of expert reviewers, selected the finalists for the Master Thesis Award for Excellence in the theoretical and in the practical categories.

The EUPRERA BoD, the award coordinator Martina Topić and the jurors congratulate these promising graduates on the outstanding academic work done so far.

A winner in each category will be announced in October, selected among the following finalists:

Theoretical Impact Award
  • Johanna Maria Muller (Quadriga University of Applied Sciences): Employee Activism in Corporate Communications
    Jeanne Link (Leipzig University): Ethical dilemmas in digital communication – An empirical investigation of ethical decision-making processes
  • Jana Brockhaus (Leipzig University): Internal perception and positioning of communication management in companies: An empirical case study and a conceptual framework
  • Kars Van Weeren (Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) / University of Stirling): Representation of the triple bottom line: A mixed method approach to CSR communication of renewable energy companies
  • Iris Lopez Wyld (Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) / University of Stirling): Sexual Violation, Weinstein and Speaking Out: The role of public relations and media in legitimising accounts of sexual violation
  • Frederike Scholtze (ZHAW University of Applied Sciences Zurich): The Dynamic of Organizational Crises: Influence of Crisis Development and Communication on Consumer Reactions
  • Paulina Solka (Leeds Beckett University): Forgive and forget? The influence of corporate reputation, environmental attitude and CSR-based consumer-company identification on awareness and perceived effectiveness of environmental initiatives in the automotive industry
  • Diana Boca (University of Arts of London): Online Corporate Shaming and its Impact on Reputation – a study of the Fossil Fuel Industry in the United Kingdom
Practical Impact Award
  • Cella Cojocaru (University of Arts of London): Cause-Supportive versus Cause-Exploitative Marketing: A Critical Evaluation of UK-Based Young Digital Consumers’ Responses in Relation to the Use of Cause-Related Marketing for Branding Purposes
  • Denis Simunovic (IULM University): Communication measurement and evaluation maturity: logics and implications for performance improvement
  • Clara Heroux Rhymes (London School of Economics and Political Science): Put your students before your public image”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Strategic Communications in the University of Warwick Rape Chat Scandal
  • Helen Sewell (Leeds Beckett University): Which key elements of CEO interpersonal communication influence corporate performance in the financial sector?
  • Jennifer Harvey (University of Stirling): Public Sector communications professionals: Understanding organisational coalitions and effective communications
  • Michael Cassar (University of Stirling): Friends, foes or something in between? Exploring the relationship between public relations practitioners and journalists in Malta
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