The Corporate Communication: An International Journal invites submission for the Call for Papers on “Shifting role of international communication in an age of turbulence/disruption”.

The aims of this special issue will be on exploring, understanding, and proposing new and renewed approaches and perspectives regarding the functions of internal communication in addressing ongoing and newly emerging challenges that organisations are facing post COVID-19 pandemic.

Potential topics of interest to the special issue are:

  • how do you build and maintain a strong organisational culture with employees working in different environments
  •  how do employers provide mentoring and professional development or growth opportunities for employees working remotely
  • how do these challenges impact diversity initiatives
  • the importance of employee voice and organizational listening
  • internal CSR initiatives
  • change management communication and sensemaking
  • Employee engagement/disengagement
  • Internal communication technologies/channels
  • Organisational commitment/loyalty/retention

Deadline for submission is May 6, 2023. 

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