Invitation for the special issue
“The Strategic Role of Communication in Management”
in Sinergie, Italian Journal of Management

The guest editors Jesper Falkheimer, Emanuele Invernizzi, Stefania Romenti, Alfonso Siano are pleased to invite EUPRERA members and colleagues to send their contribution.

The aim of this special issue is to investigate how communication can support the definition and deployment of corporate and business strategies, shaping both strategic and operational and managerial decisions from the very first moment.

The special issue has the objective of examining how communication can lead processes to incisively make their effects on the companies’ bottom line as well as on society as a whole, and of helping leaders drive transformation and change processes.

The deadline for full papers is September 30, 2023.

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Call for Papers
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Sinergie is a peer-reviewed academic publication focusing on the main trends in management studies (ISSN: 0393-5108). Sinergie has been accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS, Elsevier June 14Th, 2021 and is ranked by AIDEA list (rank A).

Publication in Sinergie Italian Journal of Management is free of charge.

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