Since 2022, EUPRERA supports the international research project on “What Communication Professionals Do”. The project started in 2018 at the University of applied sciences Leiden and the University of applied sciences Groningen. It is now managed by the Foundation for communication research in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This research is a multi-year project, running in partnership with 11 Universities and 3 trade organizations in 9 Countries and in 9 languages on 3 continents. And counting. Close to 3.000 communication professionals have filled in this survey globally, contributing to a (open) database that allows for a unique comparison and analysis on what communication professionals do – at least in participating countries.

A presentation on this was given during the EUPRERA-congress in Vienna last September, presenting an article that is now published on SSRN:
A fresh update will be presented on June 9 at the EACD-summit in Brussels. Coming September 2023 in Prague, dr Piet Hein Coebergh and Martien Schriemer Msc, who both run the research, will participate in the EUPRERA congress to meet fellow researchers and partners and build on this collaboration.

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